The advanced courses cover different topics, these are three examples:

Application of therapy |  Stretches | Side Positions

Application of Therapy in Thai Massage

This course focuses on understanding energy flows through the body

We will discuss the concept of the yogic “5 bodies” or “Pancha Kosha” to understand energy flow and prepare for the correct application of yoga massage techniques.

Through observation of the body’s subtle changes, we can see where there are blockages and where energy flows freely. We will learn how to make a diagnosis based on these concepts, which energy lines we should then work on, and so determine how to apply the massage correctly.

Through demonstration and practice we will learn therapeutic techniques and sequences specifically for the relief of pain in the knees, back, shoulders and neck.

Advanced Thai Massage & Stretches


  • Solidifying techniques taught in our Primary courses (beginners courses).
  • Expanding techniques to a wide range of body types and health conditions.
  • Focus on correct posture and precise energy line work.
  • Learning more techniques and stretches.
  • Using feet, elbows, knees with precision specific to your body type.

Along the energy lines are important points that can be accessed to understand the client’s needs and gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of the energy flow. These range from the chakras to small acupressure points that can be triggered to access an area of the body that cannot be touched directly.

Advanced: Side Position

Taking care of people with back pain and / or pregnant women.

Developing techniques and whole body massage in the side position.

As your practice of traditional thai massage develops, you come to realize that the majority of your clients come for relief of back pain or emotional issues. Working from the side position allows the client to turn inwards toward themself, allowing the masseuse to gently facilitate the removal of emotional and physical blocks, so that self healing can begin.

With pregnancy and back problems, it is often too painful to lie in the supine or prone position, but from the side full energy balance can occur.

  • Thai Yoga massage for pregnant women.
    How to relieve back pain, both chronic and acute.
  • Assisting people in an emotional state and those who have difficulty connecting with themselves.
  • Whole body Thai Yoga Massage in the Side Position.

Read or download manuals

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Training Manual

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Training Manual for Advanced Practitioners

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Training Manual for Advanced Practitioners: Advanced & Stretches

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