Thai Massage Circus laos

The vision of the Thai Massage Circus is to create a space for friends, teachers and practitioners of Thai massage to gather together and share their expertise, skills and love of this beautiful art.

It has been a dream of mine for a long time to unfold this vision, so it is with such joy and enthusiasm that I invite you to come and join us for this one month long Thai massage adventure on this magical land.

With the guidance of  highly experienced massage therapists and yoga teachers we hope to deepen our practice by not only sharing different techniques and styles but by also learning how to explore and touch the body and be fully present when we give.

Dancing, exploring, feeling, opening, chanting, stretching, gliding, synchronizing and harmonizing our minds and bodies by living in a community with like-minded souls – this is our Thai massage circus.

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Arno L’hermitte





Internacional Certification. Thai Massage. August. Costa Rica

From 12 august to 7 september 2023 in Costa Rica 



It combines meditation and the practice of loving-kindness, and for those interested particularly on learning massage, it is a great opportunity to know more about this beautiful healing technique.


advanced course MADRID SPAIN.


  • 400 EURO

Application of Therapy in Thai Massage This course focuses on understanding energy flows through the body. with Itzhak We will discuss the concept of the yogic “5 bodies” or “Pancha Kosha” to understand energy flow and prepare for the correct application of yoga massage techniques. Through observation of the body’s subtle changes,… … we can see where there are blockages and where energy flows freely. We will learn how to make a diagnosis based on these concepts, which energy lines we should then work on, and so determine how to apply the massage correctly. Through demonstration and practice we will learn therapeutic techniques and sequences specifically for the relief of pain in the knees, back, shoulders and neck. Prerequisite: Everyone with a background in Thai massage is welcome. 5 days / 30 CE Hours


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C/Marcedes Domingo, 28 28019. MADRID SPAIN