Osteo-Thai. Side position. June-Tenerife

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Side Position

From  7 to 13 June 2023

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Developing techniques and whole body massage in the side position.

This course is designed to help you develop specific techniques and a whole body massage in the side position.

This approach is relevant to massage people with back pain and/or pregnant women.

As your practice of Osteo-Thai  and thai-yoga massage develops, you come to realize that an important proportion of your clients come for relief of back pain or emotional issues. Working from the side position also allows recipients to turn inwards, toward themselves, allowing the masseuse to gently facilitate the healing of emotional and physical blocks.

With pregnancy and back problems, it is often too painful to lie in the supine or prone position, but from the side position, you can still offer a complete  Osteo-Thai  treatment.

  • Thai Yoga Massage for pregnant women.
  • How to relieve back pain, both chronic and acute.
  • Assisting people in an emotional state and those who have difficulty connecting with themselves.
  • Whole body Thai Yoga Massage in the Side Position.


The price is 1150 euros. Early bird 1080 euros, before 20 of april.

This retreat will be held in an amazing farm:  El sueño de mamá in Tegueste Tenerife

For details contact Aleksei from Inspirales : 0034 677297345 or info@inspirales.com


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